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Monthly Archives: August 2011
Hepatitis | Uganda: Hepatitis B On The Rise

According to MedicineNet.Com, individuals in a family are at a high risk of contracting the HB virus through contact from secretions or saliva that contain the virus. This is because its viral DNA exits in saliva, tears and urine of chronic carriers.The virus is spread through exposure to infectious blood or body fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids. Having unprotected sex therefore creates a    .. more …

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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Preventing Liver Cancer

Liver cancer starts from hepatitis B infection that usually occurs in the liver. The causative agent for this disease is hepatitis B virus. As it progresses it will lead the liver to cancer stage. This can happen in both children and adults. Liver cancer pain is really tough and hard to deal with.One of the first things you drink in the morning is your coffee. Coffee contains high levels of    .. more …

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Hepatitis | Woman Critical After Late-term Abortion

A woman is in a critical condition following a late-term abortion performed at the same clinic in Victoria where an anaesthetist who worked there is alleged to have infected dozens of patients with hepatitis C.The woman has been in Box Hill Hospital for more than a week since the late-term abortion was performed at a Croydon clinic.The woman, aged in her 40s, was 23 weeks pregnant, and State    .. more …

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Cirrhosis | Cirrhosis Patients Believe In Benefits Of Cancer Screening

Most patients with cirrhosis are in favour of screening for liver cancer, experts say, after finding they could not recruit enough patients to an randomised controlled trial (RCT) of screening because few would risk being in the control group. Using a decision aid, 205 patients with cirrhosis were asked to make an informed choice about participating in a randomised trial for liver cancer    .. more …

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Fatty Liver Disease | Can The Fatty Liver Diet Guide By Dorothy Spencer Help You Live Healthier And Prevent Your Disease From Progressing?

Have you been told that you have fatty liver disease? This can seem like the end of the world and throw you in a huge slump of depression. Whenever you are told that one of your vital organs are    .. more …

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Liver Disease | Joe Kiger’s Story

Kiger, a Parkersburg, W.Va., school teacher suffering from liver disease, describes the class-action lawsuit he filed in 2001 alleging he …
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Liver Diseases | Hydrochlorothiazide – Treatment For Blood Pressure

High blood pressure adds to the work load of hear and arteries. If this continues for long then its not possible for heart and arteries to properly. Hydrochlorothiazide is prescription medicine. It is a water pill (diuretic), which is used to treat high blood pressure and it also reduces swelling and water retension caused by several medical condition such as liver , heart and kidney diseases.    .. more …

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Liver Cancer | Hawaii Receives Funding For Liver Cancer Research

Contact: Kellie Tormey 808-564-5814 University of Hawaii Cancer Center Hawaii receives funding for liver cancer research Scientists aim to tackle Hawaii’s liver cancer problem with improved detection HONOLULU—Two scientists from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and The Queen’s Medical Center have received a five-year $2.3 million grant from the National Cancer    .. more …

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Fatty Liver Disease | Developing A Fatty Liver Disease Diet

Developing a proper diet is important to help improve the condition. A person should also incorporate exercise as well. Doctors recommend several things that a person can do to prevent the disease from advancing to an even more serious condition.When a person is trying to develop the best possible diet for this disease it is important to focus on a low calorie diet. It is suggested that a person    .. more …

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Liver Disease | Asaram Bapu’s Mantra Cured Liver Disease-Sadhak Anubhav Chetichand Satsang 2011

Asaram Bapu’s mantra cured liver disease-Sadhak Anubhav-Sureshanand ji Satsang 6th April 2011. Asaram Bapu’s mantra cured liver disease-Sadhak …
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