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Monthly Archives: October 2011
Hepatitis | Vertex Bests Merck In New Hepatitis C Drug Sales

Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ Incivek, trumped the rival drug Victrelis from Merck in third-quarter sales. The tally: $420 million for Incivek and $31 million for Victrelis.Mark Schoenebaum, biotechnology analyst at the ISI Group, said that the Incivek introduction appeared to be the fastest new drug introduction ever. Cumulative sales of the drug might cross the billion-dollar mark ” the milepost for    .. more …

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Alcohol Liver Disease | My Loving Daddy.flv

When I think of alcohol, I think of a man with slurred speech, staggering from one side to the other, then falling down to the ground face forward …
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Fatty Liver Disease | Liver Problems And What You Can Do To Help With Your Liver Health Liver Problems can be rough, but if you don’t know what to look for it may be to late. Liver Detox can help you with …
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Cirrhosis | Florin Salam 2011 Belly Dance FATA MEA

children. On April 12, 2009, tefania (aged 27) died from hepatic cirrhosis. … fata mea florin salam “GUMMY BEAR” kuchek romania sexy …
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Liver Cancer | SF Leaders Unite To Call On Mayoral Candidates To End Liver Cancer And Hepatitis

San Francisco has the highest rate of liver cancer in the nation and liver cancer is the deadliest cancer in America. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are the primary causes of liver cancer.”We want to know what the next mayoral candidates will do to end the epidemic,” said Ted Fang of the AsianWeek Foundation and c0-founder of San Francisco Hep B Free.Fang asked all the candidates to issue a 300 word    .. more …

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Liver Disease | The Testosterone Dream!

Andropause is the male equivalent of what women experience during menopause. Women experience hormonal changes during menopause and men go through similar changes with their hormone levels, especially testosterone. The decline in testosterone can be gradual or sudden, the typical decline is about 1% a year or more and this can start as early as 35 years old. A blood test is required to check for    .. more …

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Hepatitis | Autism-Mercury-Vaccination: Suspicion Is My New Religion!

“Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury” says that documentation obtained, a result of the freedom of information act, reveals “U.S. officials apparently colluded in covering-up the decline in Denmark’s autism rates following the removal of mercury from vaccines”.The scandal with regard to officials in the US is hardly surprising. With greater frequency the American public seems to    .. more …

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Liver Disease | Jack The Cat May Have Been Found, But He’s Got Liver Disease

Oh, the saga of Jack the Cat just won’t stop! Two months after going missing from a baggage center at JFK , Jack was discovered there Tuesday night and quickly whisked away to a vet , but now word is that the poor kitteh is in critical condition having contracted a nasty case of fatty liver disease at the airport. Fatty liver disease is a treatable but potentially fatal illness that sets in when    .. more …

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Medical information about liver diseases for sonographers. … ultrasound liver pathology …
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Cirrhosis | Alleged Bank Robber Gave In To Pressure

Battling a terminal case of cirrhosis and desperate for money topay bills, James Pelnar, Jr. made a fateful decision.Now, as an accused bank robber, the 38-year-old has more hangingover his head than a doctor’s prediction he has less than a year tolive: Pelnar Jr. faces up to 15 years in prison.On Oct. 14, he walked into Harris Bank in Baraboo and allegedlydemanded $2,000. He then ran home, where    .. more …

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