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Alcohol Liver Disease | Prebiotics, Your Liver And Proper Digestion

The importance of prebiotics and their effect on the liver can not be under estimated. Prebiotics can help us achieve a highly functioning and healthy digestive system, and the liver is the most important and hardest working organ we have. Specifically, as far as digestion goes, every drop of fluid you digest will go to your liver to be detoxified.

When your liver is healthy and performs this task everything is just great. If more toxins go to the liver that can be detoxified, then they will be dumped out into your bile and then a whole lot of potential digestive problems can manifest.

Good digestion and a well-balanced digestive system are truly the keys to good health. Much scientific research is being done, specifically on how prebiotics are working to help our digestive system because medical scientists know that whatever happens inside our intestines will have major consequences on our overall health.

alcohol liver disease

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Right now, in 2011, many claims have been proven and some great claims that will hopefully be shown to be substantiated in the near future. So far they have confirmed that prebiotics have shown positive results linking to:

inhibit growth of pathogens

promote probiotic growth

reduce risk of colon cancer

reduce risk of type-2 diabetes

reduce risk of obesity

normal blood pressure

lower cholesterol levels

One of the most common liver disease is fatty liver disease. This is not of the alcoholic type, although that one is very common as well. Non alcoholic liver disease happens when there is so much fat in our system that much of it goes to our liver and inhibits it’s ability to work properly to say the least.

Using prebiotics to keep the colon healthy, blood pressure normal, keeping weight down along with cholesterol levels all help to keep the liver functioning well and proper.

Balancing good and bad bacteria – prebiotics most important job

When you consume prebiotics, the soluble fibers ferment upon entering the colon. This fermentation is what feeds the good bacteria, while inhibiting growth of the dangerous bacteria, therefor keeping your digestive system well-balanced.

As you can see, by taking advantage of prebiotics you ensure yourself of proper digestion which will only help your liver do it’s job in keeping you operating at an optimal level.

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