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Alcohol Liver Disease | Sluggish Liver

Avoid dry cleaning when possible, and when you do dry clean take the plastic bag off your clothing before it comes into your house so the chemicals can be aired out of the clothes. Practicing clean and green habits in your lifestyle and your diet will help your body’s natural healing system and allow your metabolic engine to run more efficiently.

When your liver is working properly, some fats are eliminated through bile and out through fecal matter. If you eat plenty of fiber, this fat is absorbed by the fiber and held there until you have a bowel movement. If you do not eat enough fiber, this fat can be reabsorbed by the colon walls and routed back to the liver to be reprocessed.

This is because both alcohol and fatty substances turn the liver toxic, causing it to function sluggishly. Junk foods leads to the build up of fat cells in the liver, and thus harm your livers ability to function properly. You will suffer weight problems as a result of this. The solution to all these weight problems, then, lies in detoxifying the liver.

This leads to abnormal growths such as cysts, fibroids and even cancer in these organs. When our livers are sluggish chances are the nourishing foods and supplements we eat can pass right through us without being assimilated. Also, most medications are damaging to the liver and kidneys. In Chinese medicine it is believed that kidney and liver health are very important for health and well-being.

alcohol liver disease

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First, start your morning with freshly squeezed lemon in hot water. This helps to cleanse the liver and promote detoxification. It also stimulates bile production, cleanses the stomach and bowel and stimulates bowel motion.

This affects many other organs and body systems that you might not be aware of. The problem is it happens slowly and the doctors attribute this to the old age process. The other problem is people have been trained to take the quick fix. The common excuse we hear is “we don’t have time”.

It protects against free radical damage because it is a strong liver antioxidant, reduces inflammation and protects from alcohol liver disease, cancer pain, and a number of toxic compounds. It’s best herbal remedy and natural medicine for upset liver, liver pain relief and disorder against alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease.

If you can find a good product to cleanse your liver; then it will flush those harmful toxins that have built up in your body through years of neglect and helps restore the functions of the liver back to their maximum.

About the Author:

By: Jordan Max

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