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Cirrhosis | Family Hopes To Raise Transplant Awareness

The family currently lives in San Antonio, but will be transferring to Seattle, Wash., soon, Jamie’s mother, Pamela Olmstead said.

Pamela Olmstead lives in East Liverpool and is organizing a balloon launch at Thompson Park for organ transplant and liver disease awareness.

Her daughter-in-law will host a similar launch in San Antonio, and others will take place across the nation – and possibly the world, as the Olmsteads spread the word about the importance of organ donation.

“I don’t think people think too much about (organ transplants) unless they personally know somebody that went through it,” Pamela Olmstead said.

About 25 million Americans are or have been affected with liver and biliary disease, and up to 50 percent of those individuals have no symptoms, according to information available on the St. Louis University Liver Center web site.

The most prominent sign of the disease is jaundice, or yellowing of the eyes and skin.

The center also reported that liver disease (including hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer) is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

Pamela Olmstead said that although Jayden’s life was saved by the transplant, he still has some medical issues.

“His big thing is still having to gain weight … and all of his teeth are rotted due to vitamin deficiency when he was little,” she said.

Because of the disease, Jayden couldn’t eat properly, requiring the use of a feeding tube.

“He still has a lot of need. People think that once he has a transplant he doesn’t need anything else,” she

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