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Cirrhosis | Seabuckthorn: The Complete Source Of Vital Nutrients

The oil is a rich source of vitamins, several carotenes, several tocopherols, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and phytosterols. It is also rich in antioxidants due to the presence of essential nutrients like vitamin C and flavonoids. Its natural antioxidants and essential fatty acid can reverse the aging process by reducing wrinkles, dryness, dark spots and inflammation. As it is a rich source of antioxidants, free radical damage of the skin due to sun exposure or due to any other factors can be completely healed. Seabuckthorn can also provide fast recovery from wounds and sores. It also offers better rejuvenation for the mucus membrane. It promotes healing of burns, eczema, radiation injury ulcers and small abrasions. The oil is also giving great improvement in treating acne and rosacea.

Seabuckthorn can also be used as a natural dietary supplement and is found to be highly proficient in combating cancer, cardiovascular diseases, gastric ulcers and liver cirrhosis. Its flavonoid content can decrease stress to the cardiac muscle tissues by regulating the activities of inflammatory mediators. It can also prevent atherosclerosis and other cardiac disorders. It can treat gastric ulcers by reducing the inflammatory mediators and by stabilizing the production of gastric acids. It can protect the liver from devastating effects of toxic substances and also has the ability to normalize the liver enzymes and serum bile acids. The oil can regulate the prostaglandin production which is essential to normalize the blood pressure and water salt balance with the presence of essential unsaturated fatty acid in it.

Being a rich source of vitamins and other bioactive compounds, seabuckthorn oil can strengthen the immune system. It is also having an antibacterial action. Seabuckthorn oil also has a rare ability to kill the human demodex parasite which is the inhabitant in the hair follicles which are responsible for most of the skin problems. This time-honored natural source of vital nutrients is now a major ingredient of facedoctors products. The products like Facedoctor-rejuvenating soap, beauty cream etc are rich source of seabuckthorn and hence are able to endow with remarkable improvement in skin ailments like acne, rosacea, dry skin, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema and enlargement of pores.

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