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Cirrhosis | Symptoms And Treatment Of High Blood Pressure And Fluid Retention

Furosemide is used in treatments of edema (water retention), connected with liver cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, and renal disease; usually, the medication is recommended to people, suffering from hypertension. The oral tablets are available as Lasix and are obtainable in 20mg, 40mg, and 80mg strengths, although the Furosemide 40mg has become the most frequently prescribed one. The medication is a loop diuretic and therefore acts on the loop of Henle in the kidney, and stops the sodium and chloride re-absorption.

The oral tablets are typically taken once per day in a single dose or two times per day (in the morning and afternoon); as all other “water pills”, taking a tablet right before bedtime should be avoided and following the medical doctor’s recommendations is important. When prescribed for hypertension, the medicine is given for longer periods and should be used even when there are no symptoms of hypertension whatsoever.

There are many safety measures that affected individuals have to take before having Furosemide 40mg, or any of the other strengths, and the most essential one is to inform their doctor about all the medical conditions they have problems with and about all the drugs that they use, including prescription, non-prescription, diet, and herbal medicines. Drugs that may interact with Furosemide are other high blood pressure medications, diabetes drugs, aspirin, and vitamins. It is recommended to notify your doctor if you are currently pregnant or going to conceive, and if you are breastfeeding.


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Furosemide has been approved in all civilized world and is produced in accordance with all safety requirements, nevertheless, negative effects are still possible. The most typical adverse effects are dizziness, weakness, confusion, muscle cramps, headache, blurred vision, upset stomach, nausea, bowel problems, and restlessness. For the full list of the probable negative effects, speak to your healthcare provider or druggist and refer to the patient information insert, which comes with the drug.

A lot of the noted adverse reactions are mild to moderate and go away as soon as the therapy is stopped, however, if you suffer from any severe or prolonged negative effects, you need to contact your physician and go to the nearest healthcare facility without delay. Under special occasions such as in patients with ascites and cirrhosis, the treatment with Furosemide may require hospital stay and strict observation. The usage of extra medicines like aldosterone antagonist or potassium chloride could be needed in order to stop hypokalemia.

Finally, it must be noted that Furosemide is an extremely effective loop diuretic, which has a very high rate of success and if it’s taken exactly as recommended and used responsibly, it will help you treat the water retention. You need to use the pills exactly as your health care provider has advised, you should not shift the dose by yourself, and it’s best to see your health care provider for standard checkups. In most cases, blood tests might be necessary in order to establish the side effects. Given that the pill results in frequent urination, your healthcare provider may propose higher intake of fluids and a particular diet plan, that you should follow.

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