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Fatty Liver Disease | Ice Cube Diet: The Ultimate Solution To Weight Loss?

Why It Works

It contains fresh frozen hoodia. Unlike other kinds of hoodia-based supplements, the ice cube diet uses hoodia fresh from the field. The plant is then pureed before being packed as ice cubes and then sold as supplements. There are fewer steps and better quality control of the active ingredient, as the manufacturer oversees the process from start to finish.

Based on 3 different tests conducted by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, an independent laboratory, it actually contains a concentrate that is more than 150 percent higher than what is found in other products with hoodia. Moreover, you have 3,000 mg of pure hoodia, about 3 times the amount contained in conventional hoodia supplements.

Moreover, according to a group of researchers in Israel, freezing hoodia is the best way to get the most out of it. It can help reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, which is common when one is obese or overweight. With it, you can easily develop fatty liver disease and diabetes. If these aren’t scary enough, people who have it are more susceptible to death than those who have heart disorders.

In a study conducted in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with more than 100 women participants taking the ice cube diet for 40 days, the result were stellar. More than 85 percent of them eventually dropped their weight, and around 50 percent were able to maintain their ability to control their hunger pangs or cravings. Around 44 percent believe that the product is an effective tool for long-term weight loss, while 70 percent of the women wanted to buy the product immediately.

Why It May Not

However, there are also reasons why the ice cube diet may not work. This is because of one single truth about the ice cube diet: it doesn’t offer any guarantees. You need to remember that every person’s physiology is different. Some may be able to lose their weight quickly while others may have to wait it out for a bit before they can see any change in their weight. There are even others who may never lose weight at all, though there’s a good chance that an underlying condition such as thyroid gland malfunction may have caused the problem.

Regardless, with so many men and women vouching for the effectiveness of the product in speeding up metabolism, burning more calories, and reducing hunger, it is worth the cost. In addition, virtually all participants in the previously mentioned independent test did not experience any type of side effect.

About the Author:

By: Bei Maniago

It’s time to stick on a diet that truly works. The ice cube diet is a revolutionary method of losing weight minus the discomforts, side effects, and cravings. It’s cheap, reliable, and potent.

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Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Hepatic Manifestation Of Obesity And The Metabolic Syndrome (postgraduate Medicine)  by Sumanth R. Daram And Hima Boppidi Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Hepatic Manifestation Of Obesity And The Metabolic Syndrome (postgraduate Medicine)  by Sumanth R. Daram And Hima Boppidi

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