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Fatty Liver Disease | Meridia ” The Weapon Against Big Burden Of Obesity

Obesity and overweight

Unlike popular misconception, obesity and overweight are two different terms. Obesity means excess fat than the amount that is considered as acceptable in a healthy person. Overweight on the other hand means having excess weight than what is considered proper for a healthy human being. Yet both could lead to quite severe complications like:
Type 2 diabetes
Coronary heart disease and stroke
Metabolic syndrome
Certain types of cancer
Sleep apnea
Gallbladder disease
Fatty liver disease
Pregnancy complications

Presently over 68% of U.S. adults can be categorized as obese or overweight. From 1960 to 2005, Obesity alarmingly increased from 13% to 35% of the entire adult U.S. population. Even among US children aged 6 – 17 yrs old, 17% of them are obese. Another problem is that many obese people have an unhealthy body image and don’t even consider themselves obese, making it difficult for them to take measures against it.

Obesity Causes

There are quite a few factors that can lead to obesity and overweight. A person could inherit weight/fat-enhancing genes or could also result from surrounding, environmental, socioeconomic or behavioral factors. Yet, the most important factor that remains behind obesity is energy imbalance. Energy imbalance occurs when energy consumed by a person is not equal to the amount of energy utilized.

Every person consumes a certain amount of energy that is measured in calories per day. As that person does some physical activity like exercise, walking, running etc or utilizes energy during his work, the consumed energy is utilized. When the energy amount consumed is equal to the energy used for that day, there is no weight gain/loss. If the energy taken in is more than used, then the person starts gaining weight and finally becomes overweight / obese.

fatty liver disease

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Measure obesity – Body Mass Index (BMI)

Generally Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the most often used methods for determining a person has weight problem. It is the proportion of one’s weight with respect to height. Ideally BMI should be 18.5 – 24.9. There are number of online Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation tools available or it can be calculated by the adjoining formula.

Another method can be waist measurement. Women with waist measurement in excess of 35 inches and men with more than 40 inches of waist measurement should seek Physician advice, as they may possibly be obese.

Use of prescription medication like Meridia (Sibutramine) for weight loss

Ideally, use of medication without proper diet and exercise doesn’t give the best effects. It is essential to have a well-planned diet and exercise regimen. Medication plays an important role in weight loss certain population which is not helped by exercise or diet and is very necessary for patients of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc.
Selection of medication generally depends on potential side effects, user’s family history and any ongoing medications. Meridia (Sibutramine) is an appetite suppressant that reduces the user’s desire to eat by making the user feel as if he has a full’s stomach. Reduction in intake tends to controls the energy intake and thus the user will have to use existing energy in the body for exercise etc. Thus energy is used up and the obesity levels are reduces and ultimately eliminated.

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