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Fatty Liver Disease | Overweight Is Really Dangerous For Your Health! So Start Losing …

Most people don’t know what kind of impact there lifestyle can have on there body, for example, did u know that people with a over weight are more at risk for having various kinds of deceases like , type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke, metabolic syndrome, certain types of cancer, fatty liver disease and even pregnancy complications.

So when were talking about overweight people should be much more aware of the consequences of have overweight.

Therefore people should really start of putting some effort in losing weight and keep having the right weight.

Losing weight and getting the right body weight isn’t really that hard but u do have to put some effort in it before it starts to become a regular occupation. And that why the most people have problems with there own weight because there thinking things like , I’m already to heavy and it’s already to late. And when you are one of that people then keep in mind that the reason that you are already to heavy is because u don’t eat the right food and u properly don’t exercise enough, But it is never to late to start chancing your own personal Health!

There a tons of way to start exercising and lose some weight and there is also plenty of healthy food around u where you are just not aware of. Or maybe you already are aware of whats healthy and what’s not but you just don’t know how to combine it. And that’s why I wrote this article to show u some ways.

For getting some exercise in you daily live a very good way to start is just to take a walk every day for around half an hour so u move your muscles and also get a little sunlight.
An other good way to exercise is to practice yoga. ( for more information about yoga you can check out my site about become and stay Healthy and in shape)

To lose weight with your own diet you have to make sure you eat healthy food and don’t eat refined sugars but more important is the combinations of your food.
Here are the combinations that will improve yourdigestion and will help you losing weight;

– Eat fruit,vegetables, dates, figs and fresh juice only on a empty stomach ( so that means eat fruit in the morning as much as u want until 12 o clock and then start eating the other combinations)
– meat withvegetables
– potato, rice, couscous, pasta, mi, noodles, bread with vegetables
– vegetables with dairy

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