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Fatty Liver Disease | The Basic Truths About Hoodia

It’s time to put these myths to rest and reveal the truth of the ice cube diet. Here are the basic facts you must know about hoodia and the ice cube diet:

There are many different types of hoodia plants. If someone says hoodia doesn’t work, ask to which hoodia type he or she is referring. Indeed, there are quite a number of them. For example, hoodia parviflora is considered to be effective in reducing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, which include fatty liver disease and diabetes. This is according to the study conducted by the Haddash University Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The type being used in producing weight loss supplements is known as hoodia gordonii, an appetite suppressant which also controls hunger pangs thus reducing caloric intake and helping the body smoothly transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Many studies have supported the effects of hoodia. Many claim that hoodia is all hype, but there are plenty of studies that suggest otherwise.

For one, the observation by researchers and scientists on the San Bushmen provides a compelling case for the ice cube diet. The Bushmen had to travel several miles to look for food in the Kalahari Desert in which the hoodia plants grows indigenously. They would eat them and go for long walks without feeling hungry at all. In fact, the massive quantities consumed while hunting and the effectiveness of the plant’s function led to the possibility of malnourishment.

The ice cube diet works for most people. The main ingredient of the ice cube diet is hoodia gordonii. The plant is freshly picked from the fields of the manufacturers and frozen within 24 hours of harvest, preserving freshness. They were able to develop a technology that allowed them to clone the same kinds of hoodia found in the Kalahari Desert. It contains P57, the most essential component in the plant, which sends the message to your brain that you are full.

Not everyone will get to enjoy the benefits of the ice cube diet-that’s a fact. One has to realize that every person’s body may has its own unique genetic make-up. Those who are suffering from illnesses such as thyroid problems may find it difficult to lose weight no matter what type of weight loss supplement is used.

However, in general, the ice cube diet delivers on what it promises. On a study in which more than 100 women participated, around 88 percent of them experienced a significant drop from their previous weight.

About the Author:

By: Bei Maniago

It’s time to stick on a diet that truly works. The ice cube diet is a revolutionary method of losing weight minus the discomforts, side effects, and cravings. It’s cheap, reliable, and potent.

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