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Fatty Liver Disease | The Risks Of Obesity On Your Life

But does that matter? With 61 percent of the adult community in America considered overweight or obese, it’s the risk that’s important and to seriously to take into account. Whether 300,000 or 112,000 Americans a year, the reality is that obesity has been killing a lot of people. It’s a very scary thought, but unfortunately it’s true. If you are struggling with obesity, it’s important to understand the high risks that it involves, and the reality that you may be faced with if you cannot make some changes in your life. Even a very small change will make a big difference. Lately studies have shown that the more obese a person is, the greater the risk to his or her health. A person with a BMI (Body Max Index) of 30, for instance, is at less risk of developing life threatening health problems than a person with a BMI of 40 or even 50.

Studies have shown that a person that is about 40 percent above their ideal weight is twice as likely to die prematurely as a person of average weight. Twice as likely. That’s a very scary statistic. Death from obesity related factors occurs due to a large variety of diseases and disorders.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease

High blood pressure is twice as common in obese adults as in those with that have a normal weight. Especially in obese persons with a large amount of abdominal fat, obesity leads to a much higher occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Increased Risk of Some Cancers

In 2001, experts concluded that some cancers, specifically breast, colon, endometrium (uterine), esophagus, and kidney, are very close associated with obesity. Others studies have also showed a close relation between obesity and pancreatic, gallbladder, and some ovarian cancers. Scary statistics showed that in 2002, about 41,000 cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States were determined to be caused by obesity.

A weight loss of even 5-10 percent can greatly reduce these risks.

Increased Risk of Diabetes

In 1990, about 11 million American suffered from diabetes. In 1999, less than ten years later, that number was up to 16 million. As lifestyles change and people make more and more unhealthy food choices, no exercising at all and having bad habits, diabetes is becoming an epidemic that we all have to be aware off. In all, 97 percent of all cases of type two adult-onset diabetes are caused by obesity or excessive weight.

In addition to the risks outlined here, obesity also increases the risk of fatty liver disease, stroke, chronic venous insufficiency, gallbladder disease, deep vein thrombosis, arthritis, and breathing problems. So it’s important to understand that losing weight will have more than a positive effect of your self-esteem and lifestyle– it will also make a vast difference in your health later on in life.

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