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The virus of hepatitis A may penetrate to the human’s organism with infected meal or during sex. These viruses may cause acute hepatitis but the possibility of appearing of a chronic form is not actually high. There exist vaccination procedures which will stave off the occurrence of hepatitis A for life. Patients from states of the third world have hepatitis A significantly more often. To avoid the probability of getting infected people should keep a quite exacting hygiene and do not utilize any unpeeled raw fruits and vegetables. After the virus has been acquired, it takes on average 26 days for the illness to appear. Medics announce that the initial stage of the disease may long even for two months but it is observed really rarely.

Hepatitis B is a morbiferous microorganism. It produces over a million deaths all over the world due to complications related to it. That may cause not just acute, but also chronic states in case the bacterium is not treated appropriately after the patient was infected. It may penetrate into the patient’s organism through blood transfusion, any type of tattooing, sex, breast feeding or blood contact or bodily fluid contact. Even with a broad spectrum of newest technologies the effectiveness of hepatitis treatment is just 60 per cent.

The most hazardous feature of the hepatitis C is that it may lead to liver cirrhosis. When there is cirrhosis, a person has got a chance to die within the period of 20 years with the probability of up to 66 per cent. The bacterium of hepatitis C can stay in body for 10 years, but not be detected by any medical analysis, so it is not always possible to begin treating in time. To cure that kind of disease modern doctors often use the cocktail of interferon and ribavirin.

Hepatitis D is an illness that is hazardous just with presence of hepatitis B as it is resulted by viroid-like agent.

Statistics says that there are more persons that have got hepatitis E in the Indian subcontinent. Patients with Hepatitis E are told to rest properly and not to drink strong beverages.

There are also some medical treatments can be used.

The best method to define the disease in the primary phase is to perform some hepatitis diagnosis that comprises serological tests and liver tests.

Most common ways of viral hepatitis averting is vaccination, hygiene and safe sexual contacts.

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By: Anthony Stevens

Acute hepatitis is an illness that mainly injures the liver and can cause some serious circumstances as cirrhosis. To define the disease on its initial stage medics resort to usage of liver function tests which are considered to be quite efficient methods of diagnosis to conduct the appropriate hepatitis treatment.

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