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Hepatitis | Dealing With Cirrhosis Of The Liver Due To Hepatitis C

However, if you are listed for a transplant, you are given a Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score. The lab values used in the MELD calculation include:

Bilirubin, which measures how well your liver is excreting bile.
INR, which measures your liver’s ability to make blood clotting factors.
Creatine, which measures kidney function. Kidneys that aren’t functioning properly are often associated with severe liver disease.

The MELD score can go up and down depending on your lab values. For instance, you can have a high score, then receive treatment and your score will then go down. (By the way, this score doesn’t take symptoms into account, just lab work.)

In many cases, it’s common for doctors to wait until after a transplant to treat hepatitis C once the liver is healthier and better able to clear the infection. Even with hepatitis C, you can live a very long time with treatment and a new liver. It’s also good to note that hepatitis C doesn’t always cause cirrhosis.

If you decide to do a liver transplant, make sure to set some goals for yourself. Leading up to a transplant and after a transplant, your muscles are affected. If you can, try to do some light exercising to keep your muscle tone up and to stay as strong as you can. You also want to make sure to eat a healthy diet which includes plenty of protein and calcium.

About the Author:

By: JJ Smith

Keeping as healthy as you can is important no matter what stage you’re at with your liver cirrhosis. And when you keep healthy along with using some powerful, safe and inexpensive techniques, you can actually begin to reverse your cirrhosis of the liver.

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