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Hepatitis | Hepatitis C Outbreak A Mystery

The outbreak was discovered last year in Minot.

Jim Olson has been investigating the Minot Hepatitis Mystery and has a series of reports this week.

44 people have been confirmed as having the exact same strain of Hepatitis-C…meaning all the cases came from the same source.

Except medical investigators say they have no idea what that source was.

The North Dakota Department of Health has issued a preliminary report on the outbreak, saying all 44 of the victims had spent time at Manor Care in Minot.

But the report says investigators from the state and the federal Centers for Disease Control could not identify exactly how each patient became infected with the dangerous disease.

The 44 cases make the Minot outbreak the second-largest on record – behind only an outbreak in Nebraska tied to an oncology center in the small town of Fremont that infected 99 people.

One of the victims in that outbreak wrote this book titled – A Never Event – a term given to a preventable medical tragedy.

That Hepatitis-C patient, Evelyn McKnight, also started a group called Honor Reform, dedicated to protecting patients against the disease.

Steve Langan is the executive director of Honor Reform and says it’s not unheard of for outbreaks to go unexplained – but that’s not normally the case for such a large outbreak.

(Steve Langan, “We’re putting out a call to action to epidemiologists and others

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