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Hepatitis | Liver Damage Signs

There are cases of hepatitis C where symptoms are present. However, these hepatitis cases are very rare and the signs of hepatitis C are mild and nonspecific. Some of the signs of hepatitis C that one might have are: nausea, fatigue, loss of their appetite and pain in the abdomen. As you see, these symptoms are very common and may very well be mistaken for signs of another medical problem, besides hepatitis C. Furthermore, when a hepatitis patient goes for a check- up at the doctor, in most of the cases the pysichal examination will not show any abnormalities that could indicate hepatitis. You might have a slight enlargement of your liver and feel pain in that area of the body, but these are not clear signs of hepatitis C. Because of this, many people will then suffer from chronic hepatitis. This form of hepatitis C, if not found, can also have serious complications. One common complication in people that have hepatitis C is cryoglobulinemia. Other complication of hepatitis C patients may be glomerulonephritis, but this is a less common hepatitis C complication.

The first test that one person who is a hepatitis C suspect should take is the anti- hepatitis C virus test. This hepatitis test can be detected by immunoassay enzymes. This was the initial generation of the anti- hepatitis C virus test, Today they have developed a third such hepatitis test, which is a lot more sensitive. However, there is the need of additional tests, after this anti- hepatitis C virus test, for confirmation. The next step and the best so far in actually diagnosing hepatitis C is the hepatitis C virus RNA. This test to detect hepatitis uses either a chain reaction with the help of polymerase or transcription- mediated amplification. What this hepatitis test actually does is detect the hepatitis C virus and also indicates if there is an active infection in your body, related to hepatitis. This test to detect hepatitis is also very helpful because there are many people whose initial test, anti- hepatitis C virus test does not give proper results. Usually these hepatitis patients have an immune system which is compromised.

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