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Liver Cancer | Cancer Research: What Are The Results So Far

It is turning out to be embarrassingly apparent to the huge “Cancer Research” associations, that regardless of how many guinea pig volunteers at U.S. penitentiaries they immunize with liver cancer cells, the volunteers do not develop tumor. No matter how much time is spent repeating this test and how much public money is consumed in a benighted effort to square a circle, the lustre of the words, “There is no cancer in normal metabolism,” becomes brighter.

This perspective is no longer as contentious as it once was. Nowadays, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation can tell the board of trustees of the Allergy Foundation that allergy is believed to be closely related to the natural process of immunity, which include the body’s creation of antibodies to fight assault by germs, and that proof of many kinds has revealed that factors in the body’s resistance are linked closely with the inception and subsequent course of human tumor.

liver cancer

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Theorists have suggested that tumor cells may grow from time to time in the typical body, but that many of these are sufficiently abnormal to be striked effectively by the body’s natural defenses. Today, it is turning out to be increasingly difficult to reject the role of the liver in cancer, especially since the discovery of the TIP – Tumour Inhibitory Principle – which is manufactured by this organ. The regular liver creates a chemical factor that effectively inhibits growth of experimental cancer in mice. The factor is imparted both to the blood serum and to the bile and has not been found in cancer patients.

The proof implies the hypothesis that deficiency, either inherited or obtained, of such inhibitory causes might be essential to the source of cancer.

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