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Liver Cancer | Cancer Research ” What Is Being Done?

It is becoming embarrassingly clear to the big “Cancer Research” organizations, that no matter how many guinea pig volunteers at U.S. penitentiaries they inoculate with liver cancer cells, the subjects do not get cancer. No matter how much time is wasted repeating this experiment and how much public money is spent in a benighted effort to square a circle, the lustre of the words, “There is no cancer in normal metabolism,” grows brighter.

This viewpoint is no longer as controversial as it once was. Today, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation can tell the board of trustees of the Allergy Foundation that allergy is believed to be closely related to the natural process of immunity, which include the body’s production of antibodies to combat invasion by germs, and that evidence of many kinds has shown that factors in the body’s resistance are associated closely with the inception and subsequent course of human cancer. Theorists have suggested that cancer cells may develop from time to time in the normal body, but that most of these are sufficiently abnormal to be attacked successfully by the body’s natural defenses.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny the role of the liver in cancer, especially since the discovery of the TIP – Tumor Inhibitory Principle – which is manufactured by this organ. The normal liver produces a chemical factor that powerfully inhibits growth of experimental cancer in mice. The factor is imparted both to the blood serum and to the bile and has not been found in cancer patients. The evidence suggests the hypothesis that deficiency, either hereditary or aquired, of such inhibitory factors might be fundamental to the cause of cancer.

liver cancer

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Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ridicule the role of nutrition in cancer, especially since a recognized investigator discovered that a radical change in the diet of trout from scraps of meat to pieces of bread ruined their livers and caused a plague of cancer among them. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to deny the connection between cancer and “civilized” eating, when so many previously cancer-free societies, including the Eskimos, are seeing their first cases of cancer among their people when the white men come, bringing with them the “benefits” of civilization.

However, it is still not difficult to deny that any important inroads have been made in the fight against cancer. A 1957 survey by the Society of Actuaries of more than 100,000 group surgical insurance claims disclosed that one out of every seven operations was for cancer. The figure for the 1947 study – same number of claims – revealed that cancer surgery was responsible for only one out of every fourteen. The Health Insurance Institute, which made this report, represents the Health Insurance Association of America, which has more than 250 insurance companies as members.

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