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Liver Cancer | Einstein Opens Liver Transplant Center In Sanatoga

SANATOGA PA – Albert Einstein Medical Center, the Philadelphia-based teaching hospital that specializes, in part, in human liver transplants and the treatment of liver disease, has opened a new satellite liver center at 600 Creekside Dr., Suite 203 , in the heart of the Sanatoga village district.

The facility, officially called the Einstein Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation – Pottstown , “is as close as a hospital can come to making home visits” and “brings treatment for advanced liver disease,” the hospital announced last Tuesday (Sept. 20, 2011) on the social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter . Its Sanatoga staff will deal with “cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other pre-transplant conditions,” it said.

liver cancer

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Dr. Victor Araya, the hospital’s chairman of hepatology and

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