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Liver Cancer | Liver Cancer Chemotherapy Procedure Used In UK For First Time

Cancer care has reached a “landmark” with a procedure being used for the first time in the country to treat the liver disease by “bathing” it in chemotherapy. Dr Brian Stedman, a consultant interventional radiologist at Southampton General Hospital, has used the treatment, which isolates the organ from the body for 60 minutes during the process, on two patients.

He explained that by separating the organ and diverting the blood supply past the liver, drugs could be delivered directly and at a higher dosage. The treatment, known as chemosaturation therapy or percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP) could go on to be used for other cancers. A US study shows those who had PHP survived longer than those who had standard treatment. Dr Stedman said: “To cut off an organ from the body for 60 minutes, soak it in a high dose of drug and then filter the blood almost completely clean before returning is truly

liver cancer

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