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Liver Cancer | Liver Cancer, How Many Types Are There

Hemangiomas is the most common type of benign liver tumor and it starts in the blood vessels. The tumors may be mild or severe. Severe tumors may have to be removed while those that are mild may require no treatment at all.

Hepatic adenomas is another type of liver cancer. Although this type is uncommon, when it occurs it is usually located in the right hepatic lobe. Prognosis for this type is yet to be fully developed. Some signs of this type include spontaneous hemorrhage and rupture.

Focal nodular hyperplasia is the second most common type of tumor of the liver. It occurs when all the constituents of the liver are present, but are presented in an abnormal pattern. This happens in a process called congenital arteriovenous malformation hepatocyte response.

liver cancer

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Cancer that develops in the liver can also be a secondary development. It may have started somewhere else and spread to the liver. It can spread in three ways. One is local extension from the tumor to the surrounding tissues. The second is through the bloodstream to distant sites and the third is through the lymphatic system to the neighboring lymph nodes. Cancer of the liver has been associated with breast cancer, esophageal cancer and lung cancer. A recent study suggested that l-carnitine deficiency increases the risk of liver cancer.

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