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Liver Cancer | MultiCell Technologies (OTC:MCET) Announces Research Agreement For Liver Cancer

By VFC’s Stock House

MultiCell Technologies is another penny play that has already produced some nice returns for traders this year -and long-termers as well – but like the spikes experienced by Manhattan Pharmaceuticals (OTC:MHAN) , the swift gains were followed by even swifter retreats.

While the MultiCell pipeline was stalled through the depths of the economic crisis, when funding was tough to come by for biotech start-ups, there looks to have been life reinvigorated into this penny company.

The most advanced product in the pipeline is Phase II product MCT-125, a therapeutic candidate for the treatment of fatigue in MS patients. MCT-125 has already demonstrated efficacy in a 138-patient Phase IIa clinical trial. Last year, Multicell was awarded over $730,000 from the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for the advancement of MCT-125 and two other preclinical stage cancer treatments, MCT-465 and MCT-475.

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That program dished out quite a bit of money around the speculative biotech sector, so it shouldn’t be looked at as a validation of success, but any amount of cash given to a small company such as MCET is a bonus.

In more recent, MultiCell announced thismontha research agreement with University Health Network regarding possibly MCET’s most potentially lucrative technologies, MCT-465 and 475 for the treatment of liver cancer.

According to the press release announcing the agreement, “Anand Ghanekar, M.D., Ph.D., ofthe UniversityHealth Network’s Toronto General Hospital, will direct research activities relating to the evaluation of MultiCell’s product candidates MCT-465 and MCT-485, in in vitro models for the treatment of primary liver cancer. The mechanism of action of MCT-465 and MCT-485 and their potential selective effect on liver cancer stem cells will also be

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