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Liver Cancer | Perspective On The Progression Of Hepatitis C

Medical experts believe that liver damage occurs in four to five stages: inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. As the body tries to fight against infection, the liver becomes inflamed, thus beginning the initial phase of this disease. Fibrosis is the process of the inflamed liver tissue becoming scarred. Eventually, the scarred liver tissue can no longer repair itself; it is at this point that cirrhosis occurs. The first three stages of liver disease can occur rapidly or at a very slow pace. If you take appropriate measures, like supplementing your diet with a high quality liver support supplement such as milk thistle, you can actively slow the progression of liver damage.

Cirrhosis occurs when there is more scarred liver tissue than healthy tissue; this stage is generally considered an irreversible condition. Once cirrhosis is present, there is an increased risk of developing liver cancer. Following liver cancer, when the liver is no longer functioning, the final stage in the progression of HCV is liver failure.

liver cancer

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The medical community hasn’t yet been able to find a way to stop the progression of liver disease. Although, clinical studies have shown that making healthy lifestyle choices, for example abstaining from alcohol, to support your liver can help to slow this progression. Also, nutritional supplements, such as Maximum Milk Thistle, have been shown in clinical studies to protect liver cells from damage, help regenerate liver cells and have been proven to slow the progression of fibrosis.

Learn more about Hepatitis C, as well as the three main factors that accelerate the progression of the virus.

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By: Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.

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