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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Advanced Liver Cancer Symptoms

Liver cancer attacks the healthy cells of the liver that is hard to detect early. The prognosis for this cancer is quite grim because it often show no symptoms.

It is one of the few kinds of cancer that is increasing in terms of new diagnoses since early stages of liver cancer typically do not show many symptoms. The symptoms may be observed once the cancer has advanced to more severe stages.

The cancer may begin in the small cells of the liver or it can be caused by spreading of cancers from others part in body. That is why the disease included to metastasis cancer.

People must be recognizing the signs and symptoms may prevent further delays in treatment although the prognosis for the disease is poor.

Even most people will not have symptoms of liver cancer until the disease is advanced, there are several major symptoms that easy to recognize as symptoms of this cancer.

liver cancer symptoms

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Many liver cancer patients report abdominal pain in their stomach that is consistent and lasts for long periods of time. Pain in their upper abdomen can also radiate to the back or shoulder. Abdominal pain can also mean that the cancerous tumor has spread across a large area of the liver.

This is the most-common symptom of liver cancer which might not be painful, but it could be tender. Another symptom of the disease is include nausea and weight loss. Many patients will lose their weight because of frequent vomiting or lack of desire to eat.

Jaundice is another symptom of this disease. Jaundice causes the eyes and skin to take on a yellowish color and may also cause very dark urine. Also, it can cause feelings of fatigue and weakness like many others cancer’s symptoms such as pancreatic cancer symptoms.

Regular check-ups are so important since symptoms may not present themselves until the cancer has reached an advanced stage.

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