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Liver Disease | Spare A Thought For Dogs


Last month, I lost my beloved 11-year-old Golden Retriever, Chopper, so suddenly that I could hardly accept the truth. It was beyond my expectations since he had just fully recovered from a liver disease. He had gained weight, looked healthy and had been able to exercise as usual. I had him buried in a grave under a mango tree where all my dead pet dogs rest in peace. Every day, I place different kinds of self-grown flowers on his tomb.

The first week after his death was one of the loneliest moments in my life. I missed the sounds of Chopper moving around my home and shaking his fur. I missed his cute face, gentle manners and good heart. He never hurt or retaliated other dogs who had bitten him first. He was friendly to everyone.

For all these reasons, I decided to find a new dog since loneliness was killing all of us – my family, two dogs, a cat and me. Adopting an abandoned or stray dog was a good idea.

As an internet surfer, I checked websites and forums for finding new homes for dogs and cats. Finally, I found and adopted an abandoned female Golden Retriever. Sad but true, many more dogs, local, mixed blood and even Western, have been deserted by their owners in Thailand. Recently, four cute Cocker Spaniel canines were left on a roadside by their expat owner who was returning to his/her home country while four young Miniature Pinscher dogs were found dumped near a construction site in Prawet district.

Worse, the more I have searched the net, the increasing cases of cruelty against animals I have read. The most tragic case must be that of Fluke the stray dog in the Suan Luang area. This white dog liked to befriend people at an intersection. One day in June, his friendly nature almost killed him. A man and his pregnant wife on a motorcycle passed by. Fluke spotted a small dog in the vehicle’s basket and jumped to greet him, causing the motorcycle to fall. Although the couple was safe, the husband went outraged and retaliated. He violently and repeatedly hit and

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