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Liver Diseases | Dry Eyes – Problems, Treatment And Precautions

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What precaution should i take before taking Restasis?
There are few important information you should know before using Restasis. Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to Restasis and to its ingredients Cyclosporine or to any other medication. Before switching to this medicine tell your doctor if you are taking any other prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine. If you are taking sirolimus (Rapamune), it is very important for you to take care that this medicine should be taken after 4 hours of Restasis. Inform your doctor if you have the problem of low cholestrol, liver diseases, kidney diseases and low levels of magnesium in your blood before taking Restasis.

Can i take Restasis during my pregnancy?
If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant and breast feeding mother you are not recommended to use Restasis without informing your doctor. Use of this medication in pregnant and breast feeding mothers may harm the unborn baby and nursed child.

Do use of Restasis may cause growth of extra tissue in my gums?
Yes use of Restasis may cause growth of extra tissue in your gums. Make sure you brush your teeth carefully and regularly visit to your dentist during the treatment to avoid the risk of serious side effect.

Important facts about Restasis
* Patients using Restasis medicine for longer period may cause kidney and heart failure.
* Do not take any other medicine without consulting your doctor.
* Grape fruit and juice should be avoided by patients who are taking Restasis drug.
* Use of this medication makes a patient prone to infection.

What are the side effects of Restasis?
Use of Restasis medicine has some common to serious side effects. Some common side effects are
Increased hair growth and Shivering and some serious side effects are feeling confused, pounding of the heart, increase or decrease in weight, hearing loss, muscle pain, change in the color of urine, feeling tired and weak muscles. If you observe any symptoms of any above mentioned side effects you sdould immediately consult your doctor or health care professionals.

Where this medicine should be stored?
This medicine should be store at room temperature at 15 to 25 degree C. This medication should be store in dry place away from heat, light and moisture. Note you should store this medicine away from children reach. Product should be discarded properly if not in use.

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