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Liver Cancer Symptoms | 10 Discredited Or Untested Hiv ‘cures’ – Article Dashboard Directory

The Remarkable Recovery of Andrew Stimpson Anecdotally, there have been a lot of cases of people spontaneously recovering for no reason whatsoever, but in November 2005, two British newspapers broke the story of Andrew Stimpson. In May 2002, Stimpson underwent HIV testing and was diagnosed as positive. In August that year, he underwent two further tests – both of which confirmed the original    .. more …

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Hepatitis | New Evidence Shows That HIV Rarely Spreads Heterosexually

In the developing world, the virus has existed for at least 65 years because HIV is rarely spread heterosexually. Research that studied the wives of infected hemophiliacs showed that an HIV-positive person requires over 1,000 unprotected sexual contacts with an HIV-negative person from the opposite sex to pass along the virus just once.In another surprise study, published in the Lancet , 1997,    .. more …

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