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Liver Cancer | How To Build Muscle – 3 Weight Training Myths – Article Dashboard

Myth #1 – Weight training affects your height. Many people claim and believe that weight lifting stunts growth if you start doing while you’re still growing. If you lift weights the proper way, it should not hinder growth and development. As long as the resistance is not so high that it would cause the bones to become more dense and thus close the epiphysis (the growth area of a long bone) then    .. more …

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Liver Cancer | How To Build Muscle – 3 Weight Training Myths

Many people get discouraged from taking up weight training and muscle building because of the bad stories they hear (e.g., bad health effects). Well, it can’t be denied that weight training does come with some risks, like hurting your back if you’re not doing it properly, or having free weights falling on you if you lose your grip while doing bench presses, or getting a heart attach if you lift    .. more …

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