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Liver Cancer | Tips To Keep Your Health: Liver

The most important thing that you need to do is prevention. You can prevent this liver cancer by doing healthy tips. As we know that liver cancer is difficult to cure. You need to know the main causes of cancer liver are: 1. Too excessive diet2. consuming too much medication3. waking too late and sleeping up too late4. do not breakfast5. too much cooking oil6. consuming raw7. Consumption of    .. more …

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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Liver Cancer Symptoms: Understanding The Condition

Liver growth Symptoms: Understanding the ConditionLiver cancer is caused by the abnormal growth of cells originating in the liver area. When we look by our liver, it is the size of a football and it is by the highaptly region of your bellyIt is in linking the diaphragm and the stomach. Compared to other cancers, this is the generallyrally ordinaryry especially in areas like the US. Most of the    .. more …

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Liver Cancer | Prevent Liver Cancer

Chronic hepatitis C therapy early on can prevent the development of hardening toward the liver (cirrhosis) and liver cancer.”Infection with hepatitis C can be treated and most curable. Results for 10-year study showed early treatment may prevent cirrhosis and reduce the risk of liver cancer and death. Cost of maintenance can also be suppressed,” said Chief Researcher Heart Association Indonesia    .. more …

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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Liver Cancer – The Symptoms

This disease (hepatocellular carcinoma) is a cancer arising from the liver. It is also known as primary liver cancer or hepatoma. The liver is made up of different cell types (for example, bile ducts, blood vessels, and fat-storing cells). Liver cells (hepatocytes) make up 80% of the liver tissue. Thus, most primary liver cancers (over 90 to 95%) arises from liver cells and is called    .. more …

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