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Tag Archives: detoxification
Liver Disease | Importance Of A Healthy Liver

How toxins entered your body?In today’s world of processed foods and pollution, toxic substances exist everywhere. They are in the food you eat, the water you drink (from fertilizers, chemicals and other additives such as colorings and preservatives), and the air you breathe (from automobile emissions, pesticides and industrial pollutants). Some quantity of the body’s own compounds must be    .. more …

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Hepatitis | Why Is Zeolite So Important?

Zeolite is a mineral, an aluminosilicat formed millions of years ago, from the interaction between hot lava of volcanoes and sea or ocean water. There are many types of zeolites in the world today, with different chemical structures and compositions, but for therapy only two have been used until now and those are Clinoptilolite and Chabazite. The term “zeolite” has been given by Swedish    .. more …

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