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Liver Diseases | Preventing Liver Disease With Anti-obesity Drugs
liver diseases

Obesity is defined as the excess or having too much body fat. Being overweight on the other hand, refers to those who weigh too much. Both of these conditions refer to weight as those that come from the bone, fat, muscle, and body water of a person. Either way, both terms apply to people who have excess weight, more than what their height applies for. Several health problems may arise if a person    .. more …

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Liver Cancer | How Is Your Liver Function?

Over 27,000 people every year die from chronic liver diseases and Cirrhosis. People with diabetes have a high number of deaths from liver deterioration. Over 60,000 people die from liver failure. It is estimated that 9,000 die from Chronic Hepatitis C and over 12,000 from liver cancer. Over 25 million people create some form of liver and gallbladder disease every year. Liver disease is the Seventh    .. more …

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Liver Cancer | Support Through Cancer Can Hasten Healing And Save Lives

It’s the word that no one ever wants to hear: cancer. Although our parents or grandparents might have heard that word and considered it an automatic death sentence, today’s focus on prevention, early detection, and treatment means that people who are diagnosed with cancer often have a very good chance of beating the disease. The Latest StatisticsAccording to the National Cancer Institute (NCI),    .. more …

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