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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Liver Cancer – Symptoms And Treatments – Article Dashboard
liver cancer symptoms

The causes of this cancer are found to be; HBV (Hepatitis B virus) infection, which is primary cause for this cancer. HCV (Hepatitis C virus) infection is also responsible for the this type of cancer, alcohol consumption, aflatoxin B1 (it is a chemical) present in some food that has been stored in hot and humid environment. There are two basic kinds of liver cancer. They are a hepotoma and    .. more …

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Liver Cancer Symptoms | Liver Cancer – Symptoms And Treatments

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It is also known as primary liver cancer or hepatoma and hepatocellular carcinoma is a cancer arising from the liver. The liver performs several vital functions. It processes and stores many of the nutrients absorbed from the intestine. It also makes some of the clotting factors needed to stop bleeding from a cut or injury. The causes of this    .. more …

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