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Tag Archives: liver enzymes
Liver Disease | Liver Enzymes: What Are They, Why Are They Important?

These enzymes are also found in other parts of the body, including cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, kidneys, brain, pancreas and lungs and both white and red blood cells. It can be fairly common to get laboratory report of elevated liver enzymes. . To determine the underlying cause of elevated liver enzymes, your doctor may recommend additional tests. Tests might include a direct physical    .. more …

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Alcohol Liver Disease | Lab Testing To Detect Early Signs Of Excessive Alcohol Consumption May Prevent Serious Consequences

Alcohol and Liver Damage: Is There a Reliable Screening Test? Screening for liver damage due to alcohol, some medicines, or other toxins may be difficult. Though acute liver failure is obvious as in mushroom poisoning or Tylenol overdose, often presenting with severe jaundice and nausea. But chronic liver damage may be more insidious. Elevations in liver enzymes tested for in routine lab work may    .. more …

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