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Liver Diseases | Alcohol And Liver Conditions

If you are on painkillers like Tylenol, the consumption of alcohol could lead to liver damage. Many types of health conditions can be suffered by those who prefer to self determine the medicine they take and then drink alcohol. It is always advisable to consult a doctor on both what medicines should be prescribed and whether they are compatible with alcohol consumption. Both legal and social    .. more …

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Alcohol Liver Disease | Alcohol And The Liver

No heavy drinker can afford to underestimate the problems of damaging their liver. In some cases, those with cirrhosis may be fortunate enough to receive a liver transplant, but this is only likely to be granted if the individual concerned remains completely dry for at least six months beforehand. So anyone who has been abusing alcohol for any period of time is well advised to consult their GP,    .. more …

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Liver Disease | How Do You Want To Solve Your Problem?

The word “alcoholism” refers to a disease known as alcohol dependence syndrome, the most severe stage of a group of drinking problems which begins with binge drinking and alcohol abuse. Alcohol problems occur at different levels of severity, from mild and annoying to life-threatening. Although alcohol dependence (alcoholism) is the most severe stage, less severe drinking problems can also be    .. more …

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