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Hepatitis | What Is Hepatitis?

Medications, toxins, and autoimmune disorders may cause noninfectious hepatitis. This article focuses on acute infectious hepatitis with a brief discussion of drug-induced and autoimmune hepatitis at the end of the article. Hepatitis is the Latin word for liver inflammation. It is characterised by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver    .. more …

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Alcohol Liver Disease | Liver Diseases, Causes And Symptoms

LocationIt is a haphazardly formed, firm sports ground like structure which comprises of two parts (a larger right lobe and a smaller left lobe) and two minor lobes. It is placed just under the diaphragm in the upper right abdomen and is mostly under the ribs and is extended to the middle and partially towards the left upper abdomen. While breathing in, it is pressed down by the diaphragm and its    .. more …

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