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Fatty Liver Disease | Ice Cube Diet: The Ultimate Solution To Weight Loss?

Why It Works It contains fresh frozen hoodia. Unlike other kinds of hoodia-based supplements, the ice cube diet uses hoodia fresh from the field. The plant is then pureed before being packed as ice cubes and then sold as supplements. There are fewer steps and better quality control of the active ingredient, as the manufacturer oversees the process from start to finish. Based on 3 different tests    .. more …

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Fatty Liver Disease | The Power Of Hoodia In Losing Weight

Does the ice cube diet work? Are there any dangerous side effects of the ice cube diet? You may be wondering about the relationship between the supplement and hoodia, the central ingredient in the ice cube diet. Hoodia is a plant that is indigenous to the deserts of southern Africa. The best hoodia is located specifically in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Its function and effectiveness was    .. more …

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